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Tanzania: Government Plans to improve soil fertility for agriculture

This comes after different researches discovered that a large portion of the country's land, mainly cultivated, has become infertile due to use of old technology in land preparation. Speaking during the opening of agriculture stakeholders meeting,...

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Members of Parliament Tanzania Pledge Support on Fight against Illegal Fishing

In Tanzania, the NATIONAL Assembly pledged support to Livestock and Fisheries Ministry spearheaded campaign against illegal fishing, proposing publicly naming of all leaders implicated in the dealings. For some time now, illegal fishing has impeded...

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Hard Times for Tobacco Farmers As Cash Crisis Continues Unabated in Zimbabwe

The current cash crisis in the country has for the second year running hit hard on tobacco farmers, who since the beginning of the marketing season have endured the burden of spending days and weeks queuing for money at the auction floors. The farme...

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Les fruits et légumes en provenance du Cameroun pourraient bientôt être interdits d’accès au marché européen

En effet, apprend-on, en dépit de la délivrance aux exportateurs de certificats de conformité après contrôle de leurs produits, des volumes importants de résidus et autres substances nocives, aussi bien à la santé qu’à l’environnement, sont souvent d...

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