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Fake or spam emails

If you are suspicious about an email that claims to be from Efarm. Please follow the following steps to be sure :

  1. Go to your Messages
  2. Check if the same email is in your messages. If not, then the email is fake
  3. We recommend you to report fake emails to us by forwarding them to

The following are some of the signs that an email might be fake:

  1. It ask you to entere sensitive data such as username and passowrd. Efarm will never ask you this information in an email
  2. Claims that Efarm is updating its files and or accounts.

If by anymeans you have replied to a fake email or given your personal details to a fake website or email, we recommend you do the following.

  1. Choose a secure Efarm username, password and secret question
  2. Install and up to date online proection software
  3. Monitor your account for suspicious activity

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