Help and Support

Reporting a member

From time to time you might encounter a problem when buying an item.

Select an option below to learn more about how to resolve your issue:

  1. Didn't receive an item
  2. item isn't as described
  3. Returning an item

If you suspect Efarm policies are being violated by another buyer or seller, please report this to us so we can take the necessary action. Efarm policy violations include:

  1. Someone else has used your account
  2. Report a listing violation
  3. Feedback manipulation

If another user acts in an inappropriate manner towards you on Efarm, you can report them to us. The following are examples of inappropriate behavior

  1. Received inappropriate feedback
  2. Inappropriate communications
  3. Profanity

We take all reports seriously, and will carry out a thorough investigation before taking any appropriate action. To protect the privacy of our users, we’re unable to inform you of any actions we may take against another buyer or seller.

Learn more about innapropriate behavior or Efarm policy violation