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Item isn't as described

The eBay Money Back Guarantee covers your purchase price plus original shipping for virtually all items on We guarantee you'll get the item you ordered or your money back

Open a request
Let the seller know you haven't received the item. Select Open a request
Not resolved? Let us know
If you’re waiting for a response, you can check the status of your request. If you're not happy with the seller's resolution after 3 business days of opening your request, ask us to step in and help
We'll get our money back fast
You'll get an answer within 2 days, and if your request qualifies, we'll send you a refund

If you want to retract your bid for any other reason or there’s less than 12 hours remaining on an auction,
you’ll need to contact the seller to ask if you can retract your bid.The seller must cancel the bid on your behalf.