About eFarm.cm

What is eFarm.cm

eFarm.cm powered by GericomGroup Co.Ltd is a web and mobile platform for buying and selling agricultural products. It allows access to agricultural products in Cameroon, Africa and the rest of world. We provides Email and SMS notifications, 24/7 online Chat support to its customers..

Our goal is to provide farmers and communities and agricultural dealers in Cameroon and Africa, opportunities to market their farm products online and reach consumers around Cameroon, Africa and the rest of the world while creating a real added value to the agricultural arena by providing an online marketplace connecting African farmers and agro dealers to buyers around the world, growing local farmer markets into a global one.

We oversee transactions from start to finish, ensuring reliability, loyalty, trustworthiness, efficiency and saving time for either parties; sellers and buyers, involved in the transaction. Our wide range of online payments makes transactions easier from our national and international payment methods (MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money and Paypal). eFarm.cm offers traditional methods of payments like Western Union, Money Gram, Express Union, Express Exchange and Cash on Delivery. We are secured for online purchases powered by GeoTrust.

3 Key Approaches of eFarm.cm

1 - Sensitize Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and Users

Marketing Information and opportunities can contribute towards the growth of small and medium size farmers. with eFarm.cm, small and medium size farmers are informed about online market opportunities to enable them increase sales.

2 - Train Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and Users on eCommerce/eFarm.cm

With eCommerce knowledge, farmers and agricultural dealers can understand advantages in selling online. with eFarm.cm, small and medium size farmers are trained about eCommerce and how to sell over eFarm.cm platform

3 - Listing/Buying of farm products over our platform

Listing and buying online via eFarm.cm improve the economy thus farmers and users with more money in their pocket. with eFarm.cm, farmers list products for FREE and users buy with no extra charges.

How eFarm.cm Works

Farmers and Users with NO internet Access
  1. Farmers send SMS with basic details of farm produce for sales
  2. eFarm.cm call centre or customer care call farmer or user to collect full details of farm products and list the products online.
  3. Listed products are sold, SMS sent to inform farmer about the sales. Products are picked up or delivered.
Farmers and Users with Internet Access
  1. Farmer go to web or mobile and access www.efarm.cm or eFarm.cm mobile app.
  2. Register, Login and list his/her products for sales.
  3. Farm products are sold, SMS and Email alerts sent. Farm products picked up or delivered.

Meet the team

Gerald Nondia
CEO / Founder

Gerald oversees day-to-day activities at the strategic level of both eFarm.cm and GericomGroup. Has a Masters in Business Admin & IT, was the lead Google Student Ambassador in VUT South Africa. He has many years experience in the IT sector & grew up from an agricultural background.

In his leisure, he spends time with his two boys, EJ and RJ; watches Movies and TV Shows. More Info LinkedIn

Co-Founder & Strategy and Marketing Manager

Master in Organisation's Management, Testdaf, PPPs, Workforce Collaboration; Fundamentals,Driven & Expansion Business certified. YALI Membership. Fluent in Dutch and French, average in English and Spanish.

At Leisure Brainstorming, economic intelligence, visit Leprosy, reading and cross country. More Info LinkedIn

Nghombombong Minuifuong
Digital Marketing Lead/Co-Founder

He is charged with overseeing Social Media Contents of eFarm.cm. He is a young African entrepreneur , with broad knowledge and experience in Business development, Marketing and Web development. His vision and objectives is to transform Africa via entrepreneurship using technology and education. He loves research, travel and spends time at the pool site. Advocates for positive change

Léonce MALLÉ
Administrative /HR Manager

Holder of an MSc in Sustainable Development with specialisation in Strategic human resource management. Be part of eFarm team is a wonderful experience, we work together as a family but we always remain focus on our goal: to be the number one in Cameron and why not in Africa. I Like to travel, discover, read and sing. During my free time i stay with my family and sometimes go out with friends. More Info LinkedIn

Harry Piapazi
Software Test Manager

Harry is a UK based Army veteran with enormous skills acquired from his Military service as a sniper/ Combat HR Specialist and software test analyst. He is a certified International Software Test Analyst and an Associate with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. He also holds an HND in Management Information System amongst other IT qualifications. He has more than 10 years of experience in the technology industry. He loves spending time with his family, partaking in community development and always research to augment his skills. More Info LinkedIn

Azanji Nora Sirri
Quality Manager / Co-Founder

Nora oversees products and services quality in eFarm.cm as Quality Manager. Currently a Masters Student in Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment. Nora is a strong woman figure with diverse skills in Occupational Health, Safety, Quality and Environment.
She is Nebosh Certified (International General Certificate IGC 1, 2 & 3). She is passionate to install the spirit of entrepreneurship in youths especially girls through capacity building and education.
She adores swimming and playing basketball.